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It's brain health not mental illness

The brain can get sick too.

Brain Health Now℠ is a grassroots organization dedicated to ending the stigma surrounding the term “mental illness”. Over 50 million Americans have diagnosable brain health disorders each year. These disorders remain shrouded in misunderstanding and stigma, which is one reason why we need to reframe the conversation away from mental illness and toward brain health. Our goal is to decrease the stigma by inspiring the public to use different words. Brain health issues and disorders, rather being character flaws or personal weaknesses, have biological and neurological basis and often can be successfully treated.

We do not provide medical advice, referrals or recommendations.

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Over 50 million americans

have a diagnosable mental disorder each year

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1 in 5 Adults

Experience mental illness

Not Depressed

MRI Scan showing no depression in the human brain.


MRI Scan showing depression in the human brain.

MRI images help identify compromised areas of the brain.

Our volunteers work with educators and government to improve both the awareness of and funding for brain health issues.

Brain health is vital. So is the way we talk about it.

Comparison between a healthy human brain and a diseased human 

Brain Health Resources

Iowa MHDS (Mental Health/Disability Services) Regions work with local care providers across the state to ensure you're not alone when it comes to addressing concerns with brain health, personal wellbeing, developmental disabilities, addiction and more. We're ensuring that a range of affordable, well-organized and high-quality health services are available for you, wherever and whenever you need them.


The State of Iowa and the City of Dubuque proclaimed “Brain Health Awareness Months”

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