Brain Health Retreat Room

Come in and clear your mind.

The Brain Health Retreat Rooms℠ create a place where high school students and staff can feel comfortable and safe. A place where their feelings, thoughts and problems are accepted without judgment and with encouragement to learn new self-regulating techniques.

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Happy stories from a Brain Health Retreat Room Liaison.

A student was experiencing conflict with another student and a staff member recognized that the student needed time to refocus. Instead of continuing to engage, the student was offered the opportunity by the staff member to go down to the Brain Health Retreat Room and take time to successfully regulate to get back to class.
A student visited because they were feeling overwhelmed about an upcoming sports event. After working on some breathing and utilizing a quiet space to meditate, they were then able to return to class.
A student that struggles with depression came down and worked on grounding techniques. We also worked on gratitude and what we are thankful for/what is good in their life. He stopped down later that day and said "I want you to know, this room changed my whole perspective and I'm so glad it's here".
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Floor Plans

Hempstead High School Brain Health Retreat room

Dubuque Community School District Hempstead High School

Dubuque Community School District Senior High School

Senior High School Brain Health Retreat room

When you enter this room...

Take a deepbreath

Relax. This is a safe space. Leave all negative thoughts behind. Open your mind. Take 5 deep breaths. Be kind to yourself. Respect this room, your peers, and staff. Surround yourself with people who care. Care for those around you. Be compassionate and accepting.

Believe you are enough.

Calm Background



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